How to Join – Unified Products and Services


How to Join – Unified Products and Services

Our company was established November 11, 2011. It is shifted to be an independent Multi-Level Marketing Company that caters not only traditional products but also technology-based services. Also offers various dealership packages and franchise that will empower global communities towards attaining financial freedom and economic stability.

How to Join Unified Products and Services Sasa Davao Manila Main Office Travel Agency Bills Payment Remittance Loading
How to Join – Unified Products and Services

It is the best one stop shop business partnered with the big companies in the Philippines.

Services Offered : Bills Payment, Remittance, Airline Ticketing, Loading, Insurance, Travel and Tours, Hotel Booking, Shipping, Real Estate, Online Shop.

This company not only offer services but also have tangible products.

How to Join Unified Products and Services Vitamin C Mangosteen Coffee Barley Juice Grass Health Wellness
Health & Wellness Products

Business Advantages :
💥Portable Business (No need for commercial space, can be added to your existing business, Home-based).
💥Fast Transaction
💥Paperless System
💥Lifetime Business.
💥You can transact anywhere anytime even you’re in abroad

Ready to Operate :
– Using Android Phone
– Using Web-tool application
– Using Desktop application

Requirement/s :
– Franchise Fee
– 2 Valid ID’s
– Application Form

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Although we try our best to update this site, information and prices are subject to change without notice. Please feel free to contact us for our most current pricing and information. Thank you!


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